Monday, September 9, 2013

Special Day with a Special Boy!

Last weekend I had my Gramma Day with Prince.  Lunch - his choice - In and Out!!  Cheeseburger, fries and lemonade - yum!
 That face looks happy to me :)
 Then to the movies to see "Planes" - very cute movie.  In the atrium they had an Iron Man and Super hero display, so we had to snap a picture.  But Prince was glad I did it quickly as he said the Iron Man behind him was "creeping" him out.
 Then we stopped for an ice cream (mint w/rolos) and relaxed in a beautiful shady spot. But it was 90 degrees and the ice cream was melting fast - so headed home as he wanted to save some for later.
 It was a wonderful day - he is such a great kid - mature, interesting and always so polite.  I just love spending time with him.  Thanks for a great day Prince!
 Finally I had to snap this picture of Paisley at the house making dinner when we got there.  She had told me she was going to start cooking more with her Mommy to learn how - that's how my girls learned - so it was great seeing her cooking away.  Until next time! ~Gramma

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