Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Paisley turns 10 -

I just really can't believe that my first grand-daughter, Paisley, is now 10 How I remember the first time I held her in my arms - talk about LOVE at first sight.  She changed my life from that moment on.  So for her 10th birthday she had a pool party - look how much fun they had.  That's her in the pink goggles.

 Here she is with her BFF's - I think they would have stayed in the pool all day if we would have let them.
 Smiles and giggles abound -
Jenee had a great party for her.  Here is just one of the cute things she did - she made mock nail polish bottles by dipping marshallows in green and blue melted chocolate.  The bottle top is made out of a tootsie roll.  The girls loved them.  So much fun for a pre-teen party.
 Here is a close-up - I wish I had taken the picture off the foil, as I got the glare.  But they were so cute. 
Stop back soon to see the card I made her.   ~Gramma Maureen

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