Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secret Sister Exchange - Part 3

So here we go with a few more great Secret Sister gifts.  First is Kathy with her gift from Lois - a crocheted washcloth, decorated Starbucks mug, and yummy Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate!

Lois and Kathy with Kathy's goodies.
Close up of Kathy's yummy gift.
 Next I want to share a great tip that Kathy shared with the group.  You can make a medallion in the lid of our embellishment cases (you know the ones for brads, buttons, etc.).  You take your 1" strip of DSP fold it back and forth to make the medallion and then punch out a circle of CS or DSP for each side of medallion.  Put it in the lid of the case in this order - circle, adhesive, medallion, adhesive, circle.  It all fits in there perfectly and holds it together making it easier to handle as you put it together, and as your adhesive sets. I've got to try this.

Here's the medallion in the case lid that Kathy showed us. 
Finally for today, here is Lois with her exchange gift from Diane - a telescoping snowman card; decorated tin; and cute little Christmas ornament. 

Lois with her goodies
Close up of her card, tin and sparkly ornament.

Hope you enjoyed these gifts - check back soon as there are still more to come!!  -Maureen

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