Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gramma Day with Paisley

Last week was my latest Gramma Day with Paisley - It was a lovely day. We picked up breakfast at McDonald's, and then Paisley came to my house to decorate the house for Halloween. Here are a few of the decorations we put out - These pumpkins are decorated with SU decor elements - and two pictures below in the frame and shadow box were stamped - I also asked Paisley to draw me a picture - anything at all she wanted to draw. It could be of what makes her happy or sad; what she's been doing lately; anything at all and this is what she drew. It's a picture of her in school day dreaming about Gramma :) We had a talk about probably listening to the teacher rather than day-dreaming (LOL) but I loved the picture. I am hoping to do this with all the kids on their Gramma days, and putting together a scrapbook of our days together. After decorating - we went to lunch at Red Robin and shared a basket of ribs and a Mint Chocolate shake - Yum! Then we went to the movie "Zookeeper" which was really cute and then headed home. It was a delightful day with one of my favorite little girls! Next month - my day with Prince!

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