Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogging and Life....

So once again - I have been missing from the blog scene for a few days but for a very good and scary reason. This is a picture of my grandson, Prince, in pediatric ICU early Tuesday morning. I had watched he and his sisters Monday night so his Mom and Dad could go out for Valentine's day and he was having trouble with his asthma. Around 2:30 AM he woke his parents with his crying from not being able to catch his breath. His Dad took him to emergency where they got his breathing a bit better, but could not get his severe pain in his chest/lung area under control even with several doses of Morphine - so they rushed him to Northridge Pediatric ICU - scary stuff.So while he was in the hospital we took the girls to our house so Mom and Dad could be with Prince and take turns getting some sleep. We had school and homework duty with Paisley -
And just general baby duty with Zamarah (who by the way turned "1" on Tuesday) good thing the party isn't until Saturday.But after many prayers, and an amazing hospital staff - here is a picture of Prince Tuesday evening when I visited him. The car he's showing off was picked out for him by his "Papa" and Paisley - and he loved it. He was doing much better here but they were still trying to stabilize his breathing and giving him steroid injections -
The good news is that he came home late today - but will have lots of meds to take, and twice a day 20 minute breathing treatments to help keep him well. Thank you to everyone who prayed for him! They still have not determined why he had such severe pain, but I pray that it will never recur. So now that he's home - I'll be back to work tomorrow with long hours trying to catch up; I have my Stamp Club Friday evening, and Zamarah's party here Saturday - so it will be a bit before I catch up on my posting. Till I post again - keep stamping - and hug those you love! ~Maureen


Jeri said...

Maureen, prayers going up for Prince's complete recovery. Scary stuff indeed.

Penny Hanuszak said...

Nothing worse than a sick child. It's so frightening for everyone involved. My wish is for his complete recovery and a long and healthy life. Best wishes.