Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Day at Disneyland

So Jenee, Heidi and I decided to be brave and take all 6 kiddos to Disneyland. Here we were at the beginning of the day having some breakfast together before heading out. The day was cool and a little drizzly, but perfect for Disneyland - I hate it when it's too hot. Plus it kept the lines down a bit. Paisley, Prince, Kamili and Makai posing on the CALIFORNIA Disney "L".
We took all the kids on the Bugs Life ride - here's Heidi, Jenee, Zavian, Zamarah and Prince in the next cart from me.Gramma spent most of the day helping out with the bittiest of the crew - here Zamarah catches a few winks while she can -
While Zavian just kicked backed and relaxed. Very little sleeping was done by either :)

It was a fun and exhausting day for all :)

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