Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Cards Brighten my LIFE!

Hi all - can't believe it's been over a month since I posted.  Just a quick update - Since May I have been in a huge flare-up of my autoimmune disease causing me pain, stiffness and extreme fatigue.  Argh!!! Also in that time - we went to Greece, came  home, moved to a new house, started to get settled, took a 2 week road trip to Wisconsin, and came home - - - and, well, enough said.  Through this all I have struggled just to do the absolute necessities, and many things fell by the wayside, including blogging.  But, I am hoping to do better - my symptoms are better as far as the pain and stiffness - but I have not beat the fatigue yet - so wish me luck.

But during all of that I have received cards - cards to welcome me to my new home, to wish me to get healthy, and cards - well, just because.  And even though I was usually too tired to acknowledge them I want you to know each and every one made me feel loved and gave me hope and brought a smile to my face.  So today - I am sharing that love with all of you -

Housewarming - Melodie S.

Thank you - Lisa L.
Thinking of You - Karen B.
Thinking of you - Lori W.
Thinking of you - Karen B.
Housewarming - Darle M.
Housewarming - Deb M.
Housewarming - Karen B.
Congratulations on earning Maui - Lori W.
Housewarming - Bill & Nancy R.
Housewarming - Lori W.
Thank you /Thinking of you - Lori W.

Housewarming - Flo S.

How cool is that - I hope you also can get some inspiration for your own card making.  If you sent me a card, and I have not featured it - please know it was also so appreciated.  I am sure during the move that some cards are not here.  I will probably come across them (as I never throw them lol) and will post in a future post.  

I know I have mentioned before that I consider card making and sending; as a ministry.  As I make cards - I pray; as I send cards - I pray; and my hope is that the recipients are blessed by them.  These cards just reaffirmed my belief that it is a ministry - as I certainly feel BLESSED!  Thank you all -  back soon with more fun and creativity! ~~Maureen

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Lynda Goldberg said...

Maureen, so sorry to hear about your illness. I hope you are getting better every day. Talk to you soon Lynda