Thursday, February 19, 2015

Refrigerator calendar tutorial ---

So I finally finished all the little magnetic calendars for my downline - I cannot believe it has taken me this long.  I did get them out to my first downline and a few of my second downline in a pretty timely fashion - at least it was still January - but the rest - SORRY - at least most of the year is still left!  But I really do think you are all AMAZING!  They are ALL in the mail now.
So from my Instagram and Facebook postings on these - I have gotten so much response.  They really are very simple to make - but I've had some requests for a tutorial - so here are  at least some tips.  Below is basically everything you need.
The measurements I used to make these are - Base is 4x4"; White Base is 3.75x3.75"; Layer for behind calendar is 3 1/8x 1 5/8" and the little calendar is 3x1.5".  I purchased the calendars online and I know there are several sources for them.  If you do a search I'm sure you'll find them - or email  me and I'll be glad to share where I got mine.  Everything is just put together with two-sided tape and glue dots.  Add a few gems and Voila!
On the back I put a magnet so they can put this up on their fridge.  I actually used some "real estate agent" magnets I had (sorry agents) and just cut them in half (they were business card size) - you can see a blank one above and I know you can buy these at office supply stores.  You can also you the rolls of 1/2" magnet that you can get at  the craft stores.  These calendars are pretty lightweight, so it does not take a lot to hold them up.
I did make a mistake on a few of them, and made them a 1/4" larger - which became a problem when I tried to mail - as they were too big (see image below), so I had to finagle the envelope a bit to fit those.
Finally, these were the ones the first group of ladies got  - two different colors - but I really like them both.  Also one the second round I could not find my small butterfly punch - so they just got two large butterflies.  That's my crafting style - use what I have and adapt as I go.  Works for me.
Hope you enjoyed - please let me know your thoughts and questions.   And if you happen to make some - please send me a picture - I'd love to see them!! ~Maureen
Here are some of the Stampin' Up! products I used -

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