Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kids and Grandkids

Okay - today just had to take a bit of a break from stamping pics and share my babies and their babies :)  Here are a couple selfies of Jenee and her kids (Paisley, Prince and Zamarah) on their recent roadtrip to Las Vegas. 
Looks like they were ready for a fun time!  All smiling and happy.  This had to be on the way there, because I bet on the way home they were exhausted. :)  I know after vacations, I just can't wait to get home.
Then on Mother's Day, Heidi and her kids (Kamili, Makai, Kyan and Zavian) posed for this picture.
And then she turned the camera and did this selfie.  I really love this picture of the kiddos - even though you can just see Zavian's eyes you can tell they are all happy and smiling.  Hard to catch a shot like that with four kids.
I feel so blessed to call these girls my daughters, and they are simply amazing Moms to their kids - who are also such a blessing to us.  Love them, love them, love them!  ~Maureen

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