Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great Play Day

So last weekend Paul and I joined the crew at a local hardware store to make fire trucks. It's a kids event they put on every couple weeks and it was great. Here are the guys working together on their project. Heidi and Kamili worked on one while Paisley helped Makai. You can see Jenee in the background wrangling the little ones :) Here's another picture of the crew hard at work - Zamarah and Zavian were still too little to join in the fun - so they entertained each other. Afterward we headed off to lunch (at a noisy restaurant :) - when you have this crew you need to be sure the restaurant is as loud as they are. We had a wonderful time together. Papa and I were missing them after being gone on vacation a couple weeks, so this was a great way to catch up.

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