Shoebox Swap Information

Shoebox Swap Information
Have you ever participated in a SHOEBOX SWAP?  Here's how it works...every attendee shows up with a shoebox (or similar container) filled with all the card stock, supplies and accessories to make the card she (or he) has designed... it is helpful to put the supplies for each of the kits in a small plastic bag of some sort - for ease of creating.
Each attendee brings card supply packets for 11 kits + 1 completed sample.  The 11th packet is an emergency back up packet in case someone messes up while making the card.  All card packets are to be identical, full cards with envelopes so when you complete a kit it is immediately usable.  Each card should contain at least 2 layers and at least one embellishment; and should be able to be totally completed within a 15 minute time frame.  At the end of the event you will go home with your sample plus the 10 additional cards you make.* As much as possible, please use current Stampin’ Up! products for your swaps.

Here's what you do ahead of time: Design your card at home.  Cut, score and prep all supplies for 12 cards.  You will complete one card at home for the sample and bring the prepped supplies for the other 11 in individual baggies – each baggie includes all the supplies for one card. Put all other supplies: the stamps, stamp pads, scissors, glue, glitter, adhesives, etc. that are needed for your swap project, in a shoebox or other similar sized box - along with your sample, some typed tips and instructions for making the card if not totally self-explanatory, and the 11 baggies of supplies.  Please make sure all of your supplies (stamps, ink pads, scissors, punches, etc.) are labeled with your name, so we all go home with the stuff we brought.   

 What do do when you arrive: you will set up your project at one of the provided stations, leaning or taping your sample on the front of your shoebox . (Tip – you may want to put your sample in a plastic envelope or baggie so that it does not get damaged.) You will then be assigned a starting point, and every 15 minutes a bell will ring and you will move to the next spot in your rotation to do a new card.  In case you are not able to complete every card in the 15 minutes allowed, I suggest you bring a camera to take a picture of the sample, and then take your packet of supplies home to complete it.  There may also be some time at the end to do some finish work.

 Theme: Please make any card, any theme, but be sure to use current Stampin' Up! products ONLY!

Food: Please bring a munchie or snack food to share.

*If we have less then 10 in attendance you will take your extra kits home to complete, if we have more than 10 in attendance you will complete 10 different cards than your own following a set rotation.  You will receive a reminder email with reminder information shortly before the event.